Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Here we go!

39 Weeks. My sweet son with no name is due to meet the world at the end of this week.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Antigens, Fish, Puppies

My husband and I have incompatible blood. Somehow I have the Antibody C and my husband has the Antigen C. As well, he is Rh + and I am Rh -. At this stage we are doing well and all tests are negative (in a positive way). Such a strange item but this smooth pregnancy has had its oddities in terms of medical weirdness. I feel incredible but there have been outside ups and downs. He's moving so much now. Everyone told me when I felt my baby it would feel like a flutter but to me it feels like I have live fish in my belly swimming constantly. It is very surreal and wonderful being pregnant. I wasn't sure I would ever be here. In the meantime, I have entered baby boot camp by getting a puppy. No sleep, lots of cleaning up poop and pee, patience, patience, patience...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mr. Mango

My baby is about the size of a mango. It is so hard to wrap my head around it all. I'm going to be a mother in a different way. Though I am already raising two beautiful children, I'll have my first biological child in August. A sunny summer baby boy is growing in my belly. It is surreal right now. I haven't felt him just yet but I think I will in the coming weeks. The kids are excited even though my daughter would have preferred a sister. We told her that maybe next time her father and I can accommodate her request.