Monday, March 28, 2016

Antigens, Fish, Puppies

My husband and I have incompatible blood. Somehow I have the Antibody C and my husband has the Antigen C. As well, he is Rh + and I am Rh -. At this stage we are doing well and all tests are negative (in a positive way). Such a strange item but this smooth pregnancy has had its oddities in terms of medical weirdness. I feel incredible but there have been outside ups and downs. He's moving so much now. Everyone told me when I felt my baby it would feel like a flutter but to me it feels like I have live fish in my belly swimming constantly. It is very surreal and wonderful being pregnant. I wasn't sure I would ever be here. In the meantime, I have entered baby boot camp by getting a puppy. No sleep, lots of cleaning up poop and pee, patience, patience, patience...

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