Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How come things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?!

What do I know about anything really? Somehow this year I have found my way and fallen back in love with myself. All it took was a major change in my life to throw me into a spin that would land me firmly in my skin. You don't however usually welcome these upheavals or order them up when you think it's time for a difference, but we all amaze ourselves and each other with our innate resilience. It's good to suffer from acute cases of the human condition from time to time. I started really thinking about all of this when my sweet friend Scarlet Lily experienced some wonderful and major changes in her life. She lives away from me now but I am kept up to date via her blog. Last week she asked if I wouldn't mind guest posting because I am so quickly marking things off of my life list that I don't even keep one any longer. This prompted me to begin my own blog and an exploration into my own self and how wonderfully ridiculous life can be. My unsolicited advice to all of you? Confer with your seven year old self before doing anything. I am also a fan of treating every day as though it were your birthday. If you aren't a believer in successful regressions as a gateway to inner-peace and inner-silliness ask yourself: What might Homer Simpson deem a good idea? 

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