Friday, March 26, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

More specifically: let them eat hazelnut cake with raspberry caramel sauce and hazelnut ice cream. Let them also eat five spice pork belly with cabbage slaw, watercress salad dotted with gorgonzola dolce and apple slices, rabbit blanquette with braised root vegetables, seared duck breast atop shredded brussels sprouts and toasted hazelnuts, oh I could go on. I mean, that is just what I ate tonight. I am just back from a lovely dinner at the Hazelnut Kitchen. If you have not had the pleasure, make a reservation RIGHT NOW! It has been such a blessing to have this bistro in our little town and it has been a joy to get to know the proprietors Christina and Jonah. I have had some of the most memorable and inspirational meals of my life come out of that kitchen (and I have traveled quite a bit). I had the sweet pea flan (pictured here) last summer and nearly fell out of my chair it was so amazing. A few weeks ago it was the green coconut curried escargot and the beef carpaccio that floored me. The menu changes every month and there is always something that just knocks me out. Everything is local and in season and all thoughtfully prepared. The wine list is foolproof and the desserts will bring you to tears. Nothing short of a foodgasm.