Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoga is Sanskrit for “Wake the F*ck Up!”

I have been doing yoga for years with no particular intention other than the beneficial stretching and breathing. I am realizing now that my practice was rather hollow. Yes, it came from a good place but had no real meaning. I am pleased to say that has changed. I have new instructors and a new focus. I am opening my heart. Sometimes it hurts so much, sort of like I got punched in the heart, and I cry during my session. But I feel amazing after. I feel lighter and easily accept love that is offered to me. I was always just a giver. Now I can sense the seed of balance. The energy I manifest is raw and pure and powerful. The Mettā I am cultivating is being directed toward a very worthy recipient. Whatever your practice, reevaluate your intention. Create a goal beyond the physical and the benefit will drown your senses in joy.

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