Monday, October 10, 2011

I fart in your general direction.

I forgot how satisfying it was to quit a job you don’t like, at all. It is pretty awesome. I’m full time in the hospital’s Infusion Suite now. No more number crunching for me! I get to care for people who need me and work with folks who appreciate me. I am still clocking serious overtime in the ER. I am also taking classes. Back to school? Yep.

After hanging out in life’s waiting room for a bit things started to come together and solidify. Did they ever, like gangbusters! I had a feeling it would play out like that but man, when it rains it pours. I am beginning my new life with fresh vision of what I want things to look like and this time it actually suits me. I am in great shape and have the most amazing friends. And the best part is? None of this is supposed bullshit that I’m spinning. None of these statements is to convince myself of these hopes and ideals. These are simply the facts. Sometimes things still suck but perspective is my new best friend. It helps to know that you CAN pick up where you sort of left off, sort of. Or at the very least, pick up where you should have left off and run with it!

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