Friday, November 16, 2012

Home Sweet Heart

I have fallen in love in the most profound way. Not only with my lover but also with his beautiful children. I have never cherished moments in the manner I do now. I pay close attention to those small details and swim in the way he looks at me. We laugh, we love, we embrace. He is my best friend. My new children are also my best friends. I am exhausted and incredibly joyful. I am a new woman. This love, this one is different. I feel safe with my heart in his hands. I don't feel vulnerable though I have opened my heart as wide as it will go. I am happy and appreciate every sweet second I get to spend with him. He relaxes me but also thrills me beyond anything I have ever experienced. I waited for this, for some one like him, for years. It was worth every hopeless thought and every lonely hour. He's my only one and only.

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