Thursday, January 9, 2014

If it ain't broke...

It’s a new calendar year and nothing is different, thank goodness. My sweet little family is consuming in a way I couldn't have comprehended as a single woman. My life is full of love and hugs. It’s just so full. Work distracts me from my family, school distracts as well though I continue to work to finish my degree. I am the norm somehow. Most mothers I know are in school and balancing their lives on a teeter-totter made with a tightrope. This new life I have embraced has been mine only since June of 2012 but it feels like I have always lived this way. Perhaps I was just simply meant to live this way. My one-day husband and my part-time children have invited me with open arms into this strange new world. And somehow with all these different pieces placed together it works. It works so very well.

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